Ban Shigeru

こんにちは アシスタントのさちよです

Have you heard of Ban Shigeru?


He’s a world-famous Japanese architect.

He has designed simple partition system called “The Paper Partition System” using cardboard and cloth.

They give refugees private place to rest.



彼はインタビューで、poor living conditionで苦しんでいる人々がいるのなら、その人々の状況を改善することが、建築家としての彼の責任である、と述べています

” People can not rest well, if there is no privacy.

So I developed the Paper partition System with recycled paper tube and curtain.

This is very inexpensive and also easy to build quickly.

The materials are available almost anywhere in the world.

We have been doing this after any disaster situation, political disaster or natural disaster, doesn’t matter.

If people are suffering from poor living condition, this is my responsibility as an architect to improve the situation. ”


TED Talks では、国内外においての避難民、被災者のための彼の活動、そして考え方について知る事ができます


Shigeru Ban at TED × Tokyo

Emergency shelters made from paper



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