Summer diary








August 7th

I watched Olympics diving men’s 10m platform event on TV.  When they dove into the water, they looked very beautiful.  They dove into the swimming pool from the diving platform with a hight of 10 meters!  They peformed acrobatics in the air and dove into the water with no splash!  That was amazing!!  I really liked the event.


August 17th

My mother came to see us today.  She showed us her works of Japanese calligraphy.  She is very good at it.  She says she feels happy when she’s writing it.  She writes Chinese poems.  I like her style of calligraphy very much!


August 19th

On Tuesday I had my second vaccination.  After I had my first dose, I had a severe headache.  So I was nervous this time, I might have a severe headche again.  At night I got a bodyache then I had a fever.  I couldn’t sleep, so I took a medicine.  Yesterday I still had a fever.  I hoped this was because my body had already made antibodies by the first vaccination.  Today I feel a little better.  I am relieved.


日記を書こうとすると、どうやって言うのかなぁ〜??これで合ってるかなぁ?と何度も何度も辞書を引いたり調べたりします そうやって調べる事によって、新しい単語や表現を身につけていって欲しいと思います

9月の最初のレッスンで絵日記の発表があります  楽しかった気持ちが伝わるよう発表できるといいですね!