Summer Diary



今日からレッスン再開ですね^ – ^



On August 19th  Friday

It was sunny.

I took a day trip to Nara with my family.  I visited Nara for the first time in 20 years.

First we visited Todaiji temple.  We saw the Great Buddha of Nara.  It was huge and calm.

Then we visited Nigatsudo Hall.  I liked the stage very much.

We had Warabimochi and cold matcha green tea at a cafe beside it.  They were delicious.

After that, we visited Kofukuji temple.  We saw the statue of Ashura there.  It was beautiful.

In Nara park, we could see a lot of wild deer.  They were everywhere.

They were on the streets, under the trees, in the flower beds, and of course around the Shikasenbei stands.

They were waiting for us to come.

We enjoyed walking around the park and taking a lot of photos of the old city of Nara.

We had a great time.



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