こんにちは アシスタントのさちよです

今回はHave you ever 〜? シリーズです

Have you ever heard of ChatGPT?

Have you ever tried using it??

“ChatGPT is an artificial inteligence chatbot developed by OpenAI.  It is designed to provide human-like conversational interactions.”      (Wikipedia ChatGPT)


It can have a conversation with you.

It can write essays.

It can create stories and poetry.

It can write music.

It can translate text.

It can give you various ideas.

and much more…

初めて聞いたときは、人間の様に学んで、考えて、何かを作り出す事をAIがやってしまうなんて… と驚きましたが、色々記事を読んでみると少し違うようです

6月5日の中日新聞の記事、NII教授の新井紀子さんによると、”AI はイミを理解していません もっともらしいことを言うけれど、間違いも多く含まれています”



The Asahi Shimbun の日本の大学がどうAIを扱っていくかについての記事においても、

Kyoto University Provost Nagahiro Minato stressed the negative aspects of generative AI.

“AI can generate sentences that contain incorrect information, and is unable to correctly cite sources to support its arguments.

AI can only search information (to collect it) and  lacks the ability to examine it, which is research.”

東京大学も文書において、”To make a good use of generative AI, it is necessary to critically check and modify answers(generated by AI) as appropriate.” と述べています

そして” AI’s abilities have improved daily, and we can’t escape from the changes of the times.  It would be difficult to prohibit students from using generative AI while they adjust to the changing times.” と。


References : The Asahi Shimbun  “Universities try to strike balance in student’s use of ChatGPT”