Colorful Acorns



今回はChristmas Decoration のアイデアをシェアしたいと思います

小さくて可愛いいドングリの帽子 acorn cap を使ったdecorationです

Materials and tools

*acorn caps

*small colorful soft balls ( you can buy them at 100yen shops)

*glue gan and glue sticks

*strings ( any kind of strings are OK / ribbon, knitting strings…)


How to make it☆

①Let’s go to Furusato Koen Park to pick up some acorn caps and branches!

②Glue the colorful balls and acorn caps together with a glue gun.

③Let’s make a lot of colorful acorns!

④Glue the colorful acorns to the strings and branches.

⑤Once done, then they’re ready for decolation!