summer diary

こんにちは アシスタントのさちよです

木曜日クラスでは先日summer diaryの発表を行いました 日付や曜日もスラスラと言う事が出来、みんなの前で自信を持って発表することが出来ましたね お家で一生懸命練習してきた事がよく分かりました



August 5th  Saturday

It was sunny and hot.  I watched the fireworks with my friends and family at the Goyu summer festival.  We wore yukatas and enjoyed watching  the colorful fireworks up close.  It was the first festival in three years since the pandemic happened and everyone had a blast.


August 21st Monday

I went to Kamikochi with my daughter.  We took a night bus from Nagoya to Kamikochi.  Since we arrived there early in the morning, there were   few tourists.  The air was crisp and clear, and the forest was shrouded in the morning mist.  We enjoyed a long hike along the Azusa River.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.


August 7th  Monday

I went to the Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art to see the Nizou Yamamoto new exhibition.  He is a prominent art director and a background artist in the world of Japanese animation.  At the exhibition, I saw his movie background paintings such as “Castle in the sky” and “Princess Mononoke”.  He painted both realistic worlds and fantastical scenery in a very fine touch.  Looking at his paintings made me feel as if I was inside them.  I enjoyed admiring his beautiful artworks.






次回は最近出会った新しい単語、”phubbing” について書こうかなと思っています